Space Heater Gallery


Book Launch

Sunday, Jun 25, 5 – 8 pm

Yael Azoulay
Reut Asimini
Richard Borashan
Sarah Grass
Molly Grattan
Yoav Hainebach
Sophie Parker
Ivan Rivera
Juan Camilo Rodelo
Sadie Starnes
Meredith Starr
Michelle Sumaray

Edited by Yael Azoulay and Juan Camilo Rodelo

To talk about memory can be a hazy affair. Are we talking of a specific faculty of living things? Of a capacity of our brains? Of a particular recollection? Of History? Of Identity? Many artists talk about memory in their practices, but what does this mean really, when everything we do, the image of ourselves and culture rests on this faculty? Without the pretension of defining or exhausting the myriad questions concerning this matter, we present our readers with a series of vignettes that form a loosely intertwined web of meditations around the concept and faculty of memory. Spanning from the personal to the historical, from memory disorders to intermingled streams of consciousness.

Sarah Grass, Nonplus Circus, 2017

Yoav Hainebach, Selfie (Facing the Sun), 2017

Sarah Grass, Untitled, 2017