Space Heater Gallery

Fiction, for Real

Video Art Screening:
Sunday, Apr 23, 6 – 7:30 pm

Michael Paul Britto
Liz Zito
Gabriel Flores
Yael Azoulay
Natally Bar-on & Annabelle Shemer
Nadav Bin-Nun
Gabriela Vainsencher
Omri Harmelin

Fiction, for Real is composed of videos by 9 artists, each dealing with different aspects of reality, cinema and para-fictional narrative. By taking the liberty to rewrite familiar stories, to appropriate clichés and characteristics of pop-culture, to fabricate personal and historical events, or by hiring an actor to perform in "real life", the videos create a constant shift between escapism and awareness of cinematic manipulation. The works both expose and employ spectatorship, turning the excitement of evading reality into ambivalence.

Michael Paul Britto, Machismo, 2017, HD video, various running times

Machismo is a series of video vignettes that address the construct of masculinity in relation to contemporary society by treating this complex and sensitive subject with humor.

Liz Zito, Wolf’s Canyon, Episode 2: There Will Be Blood, 2015, HD video, 14:43 minutes

Wolf’s Canyon is a three-part web series written and starring Liz Zito as Courtney, a teenage girl relocated to a mysterious town after her parent’s murder. An absurd satire on the teen horror genre, Wolf’s Canyon celebrates and criticizes the pop culture aimed at adolescent females for generations.

Gabriel Flores, Jagger, 2010, HD video, 9:13 minutes

After leaving The Rolling Stones and being successful as a solo artist, Mick Jagger talks about Mr. Pepinni, a second-rate music producer, and the opportunity he missed when he didn't sign him.

Yael Azoulay, Please Break My Heart, 2016, HD video, 18:16 minutes

In February 2016 Yael Azoulay auditioned and hired an actor to break her heart. Alfredo Guenzani and Azoulay entered a relationship in which the camera was present at all times, until they managed to forget it was there.

Natally Bar-on, Annabelle Shemer, Art Star, 2014, HD video, 2:40 minutes

Five artists compete for the title "Israel's Next Art Star" in the fictive reality-show "Artstar".

Nadav Bin-Nun, Les amoureux, 2011, HD video, 10:30 minutes

Les amoureux (The Lovers), is a parodical French/Israeli melodrama, in homage, on the one hand, to Godard and the Paris of May 1968, and on the other hand to the Israeli social protest of summer 2011.

Gabriela Vainsencher, Reconstruction, 2014, HD video, 03:56 minutes

Reconstruction was shot in the port city of Le Havre, France. The video utilizes Le Havre's singular natural and architectural landscapes as the backdrop for two intertwined narratives, told by two masked figures.

Omri Harmelin, First Nature, 2016, HD video, 8:24

In First Nature Pinocchio uses his weakness as his strength. In order to escape prison, Pinocchio tells a series of lies, which provide him the ability to overcome his imprisonment.